Summer is over! That's it, as of Thursday, September 22rd, we will officially be in autumn. The cold seasons are starting and you are wondering if you are in France or if you are going to France: what can I do in France in autumn?

If you want to go further and practice your French on this theme in the fall, join my French conversation group, because this week, we will be talking about this very theme. You'll practice your oral French around a specific theme to enrich your vocabulary, improve your grammar and your fluency. 


Let's see, right away, the activities you can do in France in autumn!

Strolls in the forest!

Personally, I love walking in forests in early fall, the colors are just beautiful! The orange leaves swirling in the sky, the sound of our footsteps on the dead leaves on the ground. I just love it! Personally, I'm a big fan of the changing seasons, I love being in nature and observing what's going on.


Picking apples, mushrooms, chestnuts!

In autumn, there are plenty of things to pick! Picking is the act of harvesting, taking fruit or something else. It's very common to see people in the forest in autumn to observe nature like me or to pick things. In France, you can pick apples and pears, be careful to check that the apple or pear tree does not belong to someone. You can also pick mushrooms and chestnuts.


Buy pumpkins or squash at a local farm or market!

Fall is pumpkin and squash season! You can find them all over the place at local farms, markets and supermarkets.


Making soups!

Yes, with your pumpkins, squash or even pumpkins, you can make very good soups!


Celebrate Halloween!

And yes, October 31st is Halloween. It is also celebrated in France, less than in the United States, but a little. You can then find events related to Halloween, you can decorate your house using the pumpkins you found on the market.


Go to the museum!

Spoiler: In autumn, the weather is not as nice so we'll focus on indoor activities. It's perfect to go to the museum and enjoy the new exhibitions, because it's the period when museums launch their new exhibitions.


Take a walk in the vineyards!

The landscapes in France are really transformed in autumn, especially the vineyards. I recommend you, if you can, to go for a walk in the middle of the vineyards, it's beautiful! Don't forget your camera.


Celebrate the harvest in Montmartre!

If you are in Paris or in the Paris region, take part in the Montmartre Harvest Festival! There will be plenty of activities: tours, tastings, concerts and exhibitions. It's a great way to celebrate the arrival of fall.


Learn French online!

And yes, as we said, in autumn, it is less warm, we stay at home, it gets dark earlier. You might as well take advantage of it to improve your French! And if you need help, remember that's what I'm here for! If you want more info or you can send me an email at and we'll discuss how you want to improve your French this fall!


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