No matter how long you have been learning French, your level is stagnating or progressing too slowly for you.

And that's perfectly normal! Do you know why?
Because learning French is like playing a high-level sport.
You have to practice every day. You have to develop a winning strategy. You have to be organized, rigorous and highly motivated.

Do top athletes win medals and trophies without any help?

No! They're not alone. All these champions all have one thing in common that makes them win.

Do you know what this is?
A coach !
Indeed, on your own, you don't know where to start: what should you learn first ? Where to start ? Grammar ? Pronunciation ?

Alone, you don't know how to organize yourself : do I have to work a little every day ?
Or a few hours a week ? How can I learn French when you have very little time ?

Alone, you have no one to correct you when you make mistakes. Alone, you have no one to help you when you are faced with a complex grammar rule.

And above all, alone, you have no one to motivate and encourage you.

Studies show that 96% of French language students progress 5 times faster with a specialized teacher than those who learn in total autonomy.

And yes, numbers don't lie!

I know what you're thinking : learning French alone is more comfortable, you can go to your rhythm, that's reassuring. And yes, because you're in your comfort zone. But, to learn French, I'm telling you : you have to get out of your comfort zone.

As a certified French teacher, I am here to help you reach the level and fluency you desire in French.

You will finally be able to express yourself with confidence in French. You will achieve the goals you have set for yourself. You will learn exciting things about the French culture and the French way of life. And above all, you're going to be proud of yourself.

And to get there, you won’t be alone – I’ll be there.

I'm going to give a huge boost to your French learning : you will go from complete beginner to an expert of the French language, using an efficient method and learning strategy adapted to your personality.

Thanks to my expertise and experience, I will very quickly identify your needs, but also your blockages.

I will guide you throughout your learning with seriousness, good humour and kindness.

And you know what else? You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain! If you’re not satisfied there is a money back guarantee*. If you realize that this approach doesn’t work for you or that it does not meet your expectations, you have the possibility to be 100% refund !
Don't waste any more time and start now to really learn French.
French course
FORMULA: I boost my oral expression
FORMULA: I boost my oral expression
Are you frustrated that you still can't come up with a fluent sentence in French ?
You're shy and you don't dare to express yourself ?
Are you afraid of making mistakes and being laughed at ?

This formula is for you!
I offer you here tailor-made courses focused on situations of communication in your everyday life.

  • 100% personalized courses
  • 1 hour of class free
  • Guided individual work
FORMULA: I'm moving to France
Would you like to move to France?
Or you are already an expatriate and you realize that learning French is not easy as all that, even if you live in a French-speaking country ?

With this formula, I offer you courses that will allow you to acquire the language skills to meet all your needs in France.

  • 100% personalized courses
  • 1 hour of class free
  • Guided individual work
FORMULA: I'm moving to France
FORMULA: I want to speak like a native French speaker
FORMULA: I want to speak like a native French speaker
You are expatriated in France and your goal now is to to speak like a French. You wish to have as many mundane conversations with your hairdresser as sophisticated and philosophical conversations with your French friends.

I offer you here general French courses based on your needs, interests and your (future) life in France.

  • 100% personalized courses
  • 1 hour of class free
  • Guided individual work
FORMULA: I want to work in France
Your dream is to live in France. Only problem: you have to find a job to let you do that. All the offers you find require the same thing: a good level of French.

Depending on your field of interest, I will accompany you in the following areas to reach a level that will allow you to get the job of your dreams.

  • 100% personalized courses
  • 1 hour of class free
  • Guided individual work
FORMULA: I want to work in France

You don't know which French course would suit you best? Or do you have questions about the different courses? Do not hesitate to contact me by email at the following address so that we can discuss it together and I can advise you at best : ou via ce formulaire.

You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain! The formulas that I offer are guaranteed satisfied or your money back*. If you realize that the formula does not suit you or does not meet your expectations, you have the possibility to be 100% refund !

You don't know your level of French or you're not sure ? I suggest you take a test to get an idea of your level of French. In any case, we will discuss it again during the first hour of class.

The payment is secured and made through the company Mollie. The payment can be made by several methods of payment (including Paypal). The information transmitted is encrypted by a software in the rules of the art and cannot be read during the transport on the network.

Learning French online has many advantages: learning where you want; when you want; online courses are modern and highly interactive; you learn from the comfort of your own home; they are cheaper; tailored to your needs and of better quality. If you want to know more, I wrote a blog article that presents all the advantages of online French courses .

You're going for it now ? Congratulations ! So, to begin, I invite you to go to this page. Choose the formula that suits you. Then choose the number of hours you want to take to start. Fill in the requested information. Book your first hour of class for free. And off you go! You'll then have access to the Ohlala French Course member area, where you can manage your classes.*

Yes, there are indeed very interesting discounts depending on the number of hours that you take. From 6 hours of lessons booked, enjoy a 5% discount. From 12 hours of booked courses, enjoy a 10% discount. For more than 24 hours of lessons booked, take advantage of of 15% discount. From 36 hours of lessons booked, enjoy a 20% discount. From 72 hours of lessons booked, enjoy a 25% discount.

Classes will take place on Skype or on Zoom. Don't worry if you don't know how to use them, I'll help you get started with these digital tools.

If you don't like the formula you've chosen, the first thing to do is to talk to me about it during a class or by email at After discussion, we can either adapt the formula to your needs or I will proceed to the refund of the formula at your request.

Yes, of course! The first hour of class is offered at the time of the first reservation. After that hour of class with me, you can decide whether it's right for you and decide to stop or continue.

This number of hours is approximate, as no two students have the same pace. Also, it will depend a lot on the work you do outside of class. You don't just learn a language in class, it also requires an investment from you. I'm going to give you homework, but beware, it can be very cool homework like watching a French movie and summarizing it for me. Let's get back to the subject, I would say it takes about 30 hours of class to get to the next level.

Yes, completely ! It's my role to help you feel more comfortable and express yourself fluently in French. I'll be so happy to help you ! The courses I offer are friendly and will make you feel as confident as possible. I will never judge you or make fun of you, on the contrary I am already very proud that you want to learn French! It's very admirable of you ! Plus, to be honest, I was in the same situation as you before, I was terrified of speaking English in front of other people. So I'm going to give you all my tips on how to get comfortable. And then you'll see, you'll talk to everyone in French !

It will depend on your goals and your current level. For this question, I will invite you to send me an email at so that we can discuss it together.

Yes, I really want to have a community with my students so that you can exchange with each other. This is a caring, self-help group that you will have access to when I teach you for the first time.

I wouldn't say French is a difficult language. Okay, it's a language with a lot of exceptions and sometimes far-fetched rules, but the language also reflects the whole French culture, population and history. To be honnest, I find it exciting and that's what I also want to share with you. I always make sure that my courses are interactive, fun and modern. My motto is : you learn while having fun !
*See general conditions