Ohlala French Coffee
Boost your oral expression with a FRENCH CONVERSATION GROUP in a friendly and kindly environment.
If you are an expatriate in France or are planning to be one, you certainly want to :

  • understand what the French tell you ;
  • be more confident in speaking French ;
  • live your new French life to the fullest, without obstacles.
Ohlala French Coffee helps you to enrich your vocabulary, put into practice what you learn and above all to WIN IN CONFIDENCE.
If you are here, it's because you realize that it's not enough to move to France to miraculously master the French language.

It's not so easy to find someone to talk to in French without being afraid of making a fool of yourself.

You work hard to learn French, but you don't have the opportunity to practice it in a caring environment.
That's why I created
Ohlala French Coffee
1 teacher
2 or 3 French language partners
Self-directed work
A caring environment
A cup of coffee or tea
7 hours of practice per week
2 Q&A session per month
Receive resources and self-directed work to do to prepare for the week's topic
Work on the topic of the week through oral and written comprehensions. Enrich your vocabulary and improve your grammar.
You practice everything you have learned in the conversation group and enjoy speaking French.
Even today you look for your words in French , you don't feel confident when you express yourself in French.
With Ohlala French Coffee, seize the opportunity to express yourself in French with confidence with motivated learners and a passionate teacher.
When does Ohlala French Coffee take place?
* Paris time zone (a conversation session lasts 1 hour) Click here to convert these times to your time zone.
** Every first Wednesday of the month
Join Ohlala French Coffee :
  • 28 hours of conversation per month
  • Self-directed work : vocabulary, grammar, written expression, etc.
  • Notes and corrections after each lesson from the teacher
  • Authentic resources to improve your French
Students convinced and confident to speak French thanks to
Ohlala French Coffee :
Davi, Brazil
Level B2
Suresh, India
Level A2
Varsha, India
Level A2
Passionate teachers to help you give the best of yourself at Ohlala French Coffee
My name is Manon, I am French and a certified French teacher. I am here to teach you how to speak real French, authentic French.
I am a "French 2.0 teacher" from the moment I decided to become a French teacher, my ambition has always been to teach French online. Passionate about online learning, I am constantly learning about new digital tools and interactive methods to be always at the top for my learners. I believe so much in e-learning that I have completed and passed my Master’s degree in French as a Foreign Language at distance and online. I will prove to you that learning French can be a lot of fun, even grammar. Yes, believe me, I make French grammar simple and fun! With me, you will learn the vocabulary and expressions that we really use in France. Not the vocabulary in textbooks that French people never use.

One of my favorite things is to share with you little cultural, linguistic or historical anecdotes about France or French-speaking countries, to have a story, meaning, and a little extra - behind each word and idiomatic expression
A teacher always ready to take on new challenges and to help you reach your goals in French.
My name is Benoit. I am Belgian and live in Brussels where I have been teaching History and Geography for 15 years. Passionate about pedagogy, I followed a Master's degree to become a French teacher.
I consider that learning a language is the heart of all learning and the starting point of a new knowledge of oneself and the world.
As soon as I graduated, I started teaching French online. I find online teaching exciting because it really allows me to adapt to the learners' demands and help them reach their goals in an individualized way.
I love to give anecdotes about the use of certain words, make connections between language use, culture and history.
My name is Sabrina Lipoff and I’ve been teaching French for 8 years, in France and abroad. I am a versatile teacher since in addition to teaching French, I collaborate with international organisations, I create and correct the DELF and DALF exam, and I train other French teachers.
I work online since 2019, both for teaching and creating online trainings for teachers and learners. Therefore, I master the digital tools and I know how to use them efficiently to teach French. In my classes, I focus on speaking, in a relaxed, friendly and kind atmosphere. I can’t wait to meet you and guide you in your learning of the French language!
What students think of Ohlala French Coffee:
Frequently Asked Questions

To participate in Ohlala French Coffee, you must have a minimum oral level of A2+ or B1.
You have this level if :
- you understand the essential points of what is said to you in French concerning simple subjects: family, work, leisure, etc.
- you can manage in French in most situations.
- you can speak in a simple and coherent way on simple subjects: family, work, leisure, etc. you can tell about an experience, a dream, a project, a goal and briefly explain the reasons why.
Do you have any doubts about your level? Contact me by mail so that we can discuss it together: info@ohlalafrenchcourse.com

You can find us online via Zoom. Each week, I will send you an email with a link to French resources to prepare you and a Zoom link to connect you to the sessions throughout the week.

At least 45 minutes!
We all get together on Zoom, the time to ask you how you are doing, I then divide you into rooms by 2 or 3.
You will be able to discuss the week's topics together for 45 minutes.
The last 10 minutes of the session will be devoted to corrections and debriefing. Yes, while you are discussing, I will drop by your rooms and take notes of sentences that need to be improved and interesting vocabulary.

To all sessions! You can participate in the 6 sessions offered each week. You are free to come 7,6, 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1 time per week.

Then Ohlala French Coffee is perfect for you! It is the purpose of this conversation group to welcome students who are not confident in speaking French in order to help them practice French in a caring environment.
It is my role to help you feel more comfortable and express yourself fluently in French. I will even be so happy to help you!
Also, remember that the other students who will be participating are in exactly the same situation as you are. Think of Ohlala French Coffe as a self-help group with people who have the same goal as you in French.

If you realize that Ohlala French Coffee is not suitable for you, you can cancel your subscription at any time in your profile in the member area. You can also send me an email to this address: info@ohlalafrenchcourse.com and I will cancel your subscription.