Can you pronounce these words?








They are among the most difficult French words to pronounce. How do I know that? Because I asked you in a Instagram story : which words are the most difficult for you to pronounce. And these are also words that my students have trouble pronouncing during their classes with my online French school. 

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Today, I will help you to pronounce the most difficult French words to pronounce.



French pronunciation Hiérarchie


French pronunciation Architecte

French pronunciation Archéologue

French pronunciation Quincaillerie


French pronunciation Serrurerie


French pronunciation Déverrouiller


French pronunciation Bouillir


French pronunciation Huile


French pronunciation Chirurgie


French pronunciation Vieille


French pronunciation Brouillard


French pronunciation Meurtrier


French pronunciation Écureuil


My advice :

Now I'm going to give you some tips for dealing with words that have a difficult pronunciation in French.

First, when you are faced with a word whose pronunciation you don't know. I invite you to look at its pronunciation on the Internet. You can type on Google : *word* + prononciation

You can also do this same search on YouTube.

To master the pronunciation of certain difficult words, there is no secret: you have to practice.

I invite you to practice these or other words in this way:

  1. Go to a site like ReadSpeaker.
  2. Choose a French-speaking voice
  3. Write down the word to be pronounced + the word in an example
  4. On your computer or phone, record the audio.
  5. Keep it in your phone and every day listen to this recording and repeat the words at the same time.
  6. Practice them until they are no longer a problem for you

As you can see, some words, especially in French, are not pronounced the way they are read. Use the pronunciation guidelines I have given you or that you can find on the Internet.

Are there any other words that are difficult for you to pronounce in French? Tell me in the comments and I'll prepare a new lesson with these words.


I'll see you soon for new adventures in French of course! 🇫🇷